Prayer Hub

In these difficult times it is so important that we stay rooted in prayer. The Prayer Diary hopefully helps us to focus on some common needs for prayer. But there are also specific needs which people have; be that illness, loss, concerns about family and friends or loneliness and feeling the loss of human contact. 

We would like to remind people about the Prayer Hub, which is a group from the congregations of both St Stephen’s and St Leodegar’s, who will respond to requests for prayer. The Prayer Hub has seen some amazing answers to prayer during the past year. 

Rev May is taking over the management of the Prayer Hub with immediate effect. We are moving all Prayer Hub notifications over to email and we’ll not be sending text messages with prayer requests in future. The email address to submit a prayer request is still but the telephone number is now 07922516761.

If you would like the Prayer Hub to pray about your needs, then please contact May on and she will forward the request to the members of the Prayer Hub. Please be aware that Linda has no editing role, but simply passes on the request as she receives it.

The amount of information which you include is your choice. Some people prefer to give very little detail, and that is fine – the Prayer Hub members can raise that person to God in prayer – He knows what their needs are.  Other people like to give a lot of detail; this may be because talking (or communicating) about issues helps them to process things or it may be because their request is for the Hub to prayer in a specific way, which means that they require more information. There is no right or wrong; it is the person’s choice and the members of the Prayer Hub respect all requests for prayer.  The information is confidential within the members of the Prayer Hub.

So, if you are struggling in any way: – and no concern is too big or too small – please contact the Prayer Hub via May so that you can experience the comfort and peace which prayer brings.

Prayer Meetings

2nd Tuesday each month

9.15am to 10.15am

Led by: Kat Walker

Meet in St Stephen’s Room at St Stephen’s Church

4th Tuesday each month

9.15am to 10.15am

Led by: Alistair Ghinn

Meet at The Cabin, St Leodegar’s Church

Prayer Diary

We share daily prayer points for our local churches, our community and the wider world in the church magazine, connect. If you would like an event to be included in the Prayer Diary, please contact Kat Walker every month on


We share our daily prayer points on the Prayer Mate app. To access this feature, go to our PrayerMate page and enrol to our prayer diary. Please join us in prayer.


Visit the Church of England website for daily prayer and common worship. 

Prayers for morning, afternoon, evening and night time can be found following the Daily Prayers link.

Prayer Request

If you wish to request a prayer for a loved one to be added to St. Stephen’s or St Leodegar’s Prayer List, please complete and submit the form.