We currently have the following vacancies:

St Stephens are looking for a Treasurer, if you are interested please contact: stswardens@mundhamhunstonchurches.co.uk

NMPCC Treasurer Job Description

  1. Maintain the records of all receipts and payments (in Xero).
  2. Maintain the bank accounts and on-line banking facility.
  3. Make payments
  4. Ensure all receipts are banked correctly
  5. Calculate the monthly wages for the organist and report to HMRC
  6. Prepare reports of receipts, payments and fund balances for the PCC.
  7. Prepare the annual financial statements for the PCC
  8. Arrange for the independent examination of the annual financial statements.
  9. Attend meetings for any other committees if required – currently the Children & youth Management Committee held 3 x p.a.
  10. Arrange annual insurance and utility contracts.