• As a church we are committed to:
  • Providing a safe, caring environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Protecting their rights
  • Protecting them from harm

Our parish takes safeguarding very seriously and has adopted the following policies and guidance:

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Allegations – Management Policy & Guidance
  • Parish E-Safety Policy
  • Raising Concerns & Whistleblowing Policy/Guidance

The Parish Safeguarding Officer is Naomi Lott
The Assistant Safeguarding Officer is Rachel Russell-Wells

They may be contacted via

Any concerns regarding the welfare and safety of any child, young person or vulnerable adult must be reported as soon as possible to Naomi or Rachel who are nominated by the church council to act on its behalf. Under no circumstances should a church worker or volunteer or member of the public carry out their own investigations into the allegation or suspicion of abuse.

The following website links also provide further advice and information for children, parents and adults to help keep themselves safe:

Key Safeguarding Documentation for St Stephen’s Church