St Leodegar’s Church

St Leodegar's Church, Hunston

Service Times

All services start at 11am

1st Sunday Morning Praise
2nd Sunday Holy Communion
3rd Sunday Praise Together
4th Sunday Holy Communion
5th Sunday Holy Communion

Refreshments are served after every service.

History of St Leodegar's Church

There is historical evidence of a church on the site from 1105 and it may well be that there was worship here in Saxon times. The church and lands, including the adjacent manor, are recorded as having been given to Robert de Hay from 1105. The list of Rectors for the church date from around 1250 with the first recorded Rector around that time being Ivon le Veet and the first Rector with a date attached to him was Richard de Shoreham in 1357. The current church building replaced the earlier medieval church and was built in 1885, designed by Sir AW Blomfield in the Early English style (13th century). It cost £4,500, largely funded by the Rector, The Revd. JCB Fletcher and his family, particularly his brother, Mr WHB Fletcher, Lord of the Manor.

The church is one of the few in the country dedicated to St Leodegar who was born around 616 on the banks of the Rhine, was appointed Abbott at Poitiers in 651, was consecrated Bishop of Autun about 660 and, following political upheaval, was martyred in 678.